Japanese Translation Commissions!


Where do you commission a Japanese translation of high quality and reasonable price?

Right here, baby!

My name is Cid, and not only do I have a JLPT N1 certificate (the highest level a foreigner can achieve in Japanese), but I also love anime, manga, doujins, games, and even adult content. INCLUDING VIDEOS!

So if you're looking for a native English speaker to translate your favorite anime, manga, games, doujins, drama CDs, and more, please get in touch with me! I'd love to work on your commission.

But be warned, quality ain’t cheap. I put the greatest effort and care into every Cid's Premium™ Japanese Translation, all so that you can get a faithful TL with none of the BS.

Hit me up for a quote right now! Or keep reading to learn more about commissions!


Commissions are currently closed while I pursue an awesome opportunity! Sorry for any inconvenience and wish me luck!

The fastest way to contact me about your commission is on:

Discord @ Cid#7481

Or you can e-mail me using the form to the right.

If you want to see past commissions, search “Cid’s Premium” on e-h or ex!

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Things I’ve Translated

Why choose Cid's Premium™ Japanese Translations over the competition?

It's simple!


  • JLPT N1 certified (the highest level)

  • Native English-speaker born and raised in the US

  • Same day sub delivery, $0 up front, and after-care service

  • Lover of anime since Ranma 1/2 in the 90s

  • Has over 6000 favorites on sadpanda

the “““competition”””

  • Sniffs glue all day

  • Cannot speak any language, can only grunt

  • Deletes all his accounts after taking 50% up front

  • Pretends to watch anime to fit in on Discord

  • Gets confused and enraged by the sad panda screen

The choice is clear, folks. You only have one shot at translating your favorite anime, manga, game, doujin, or other adult content, so choose the best. Choose Cid's Premium™ Japanese Translations for your commission!

Customers love their commissions!



As a general rule, I work for around $40 an hour via Paypal. So a quick and easy doujin could be done for ~$50. If a video takes 2 hours to subtitle, it'll cost ~$80. 

Is it more expensive than the average college-aged weeaboo who needs his next box of Top Ramen? Yes.

Is it worth it, knowing that your translator is JLPT N1 certified, a native English speaker, and has a deep understanding of otaku culture? Absolutely.

Don't settle for inferior beings. Click the “Yes Daddy!” button and commission me today!

I do not redraw.
I will be happy to work on SFW, NTR, yaoi, yuri and basically anything else.

On Scanlation Drama

I don't participate in non-Japanese anime forums. I'm completely unaware of the scanlation "scene" and "community". As such, I'll gladly do projects that other people have """claimed""", and I'll do them faster and better. I'll break every rule in their book.

Because with Cid's Premium™ Japanese Translations, all that matters is YOU. Not all these little nerds trying to squeeze every last bit of drama out of their uneventful lives.

It's all about YOU.