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My Mission Statement

My name is Cid and my mission is to have a Homuha anime on Japanese airwaves.

Nothing more, nothing less.


So I've started reading and listening to a lot of self-help. Stuff like inspiring motivation and courage, learning to recognize your faults, and always striving for more from yourself. In the end, I've come to the conclusion that I have to think big. So, this is it-- This is my mission. And if this fails, my mom kicks me out of the house and I have to beg for change in front of Wendy's. Mmm, Wendy's.

Plus, anime is what I enjoy the most in life. It sounds crazy, but thanks to anime, I've gotten into many interesting hobbies, made life-long friends from all over the world, and even gotten closer to my family. You heard that right, I have family members who I couldn't even talk to if not for a shared interest in anime. Therefore, anime feels like... a part of me.


The barrier to an anime adaptation is surprisingly low. One of the most popular franchises in recent times, Sword Art Online, started out as a web novel. Basically a teenager's story on WattPad. Despite that, it got a beautiful anime from one of the top studios and a kick-ass theme song.

It seems that studios take a chance on the most random things nowadays so I've got to step into the wild and get random'ed. I speak Japanese so that should increase the odds a bit.

Plans for 2019

  • Release the full Homuha game on Steam, complete with original artwork, an amazing voice cast, and legitimately funny writing.

  • Gain a fanbase and love them. Learn from game companies that poop all over their fans faces and don't do that.

  • Make fun stuff for Youtube or whatever outlet the fans want.

  • Research entry points into the Japanese market.

Plans for 2020

  • Get the Homuha game translated into Japanese. Would do it myself but my Japanese prose is less than riveting.

  • Alternatively, secure a manga deal. Homuha should have been a manga from the start, but I can't draw. Anyway, it might even be cheaper than the game route.

  • Reach out to Japanese publishers for collaboration.

  • Do another game if I'm strapped for cash. I will probably not have time for this.

Plans for 2021

  • Collaborate with Japanese entities in a production committee and secure funding for the anime. Possible partners include DMM, Kadokawa, Warner Bros. Japan, Netflix, etc.

  • Release of the Homuha anime on Japanese airwaves.

  • Hold a Homuha release party with champagne and fried chicken.

  • Collaborate with the Japanese government for Homuha-related festivities at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


I have to succeed or my mom kicks out of the basement. WTF I'm not even 30 yet!